Before I tell you some info about me, I need to take the time to send a special thanks to my good friend Robert Heist, Jr.  for all his oustanding photography work.  Most of the images on my site are the product of Bob’s talent.  The items, because of the highly reflective nature of the crystal clear polymer are difficult,to say the least, to capture their true quality and we have spent many, many hours in pursuit of these fine representations. 


I am a product of coastal North and South Carolina, born in Belhaven, NC and lived in Beaufort, SC from age 4 to 17 before returning to Belhaven in 1973.  Entered NC State University in Raleigh, NC in 1974 and graduated with a BS in Food Science.  Was employed by Miller Brewing Company for 18 years working almost exclusively as a chemist in the Eden, NC and Fort Worth, TX breweries.

I have always been an outdoors man and particularly loved activities on the water.  The best time I ever had working was during high school and college fishing crab pots on the Pungo River just outside Belhaven, NC.  I also worked at the Blue Channel Corporation during high school and college where literally millions of pounds of blue crab was processed into pastuerized and shelf stable products.  There are only a handful of people walking this earth that have seen more Atlantic Blue Crabs than me.

I began preserving blue crabs back in 1970 by means of embalming and sold to many gift shops in NC and SC during my high school and college years.  After separating from Miller, I decided to see what interest there was for blue crab décor.  There was sufficient interest to start a business, but I wanted to get away from dealing with harsh chemicals used in embalming.  My freeze drying research led to contacting John Matthews at the
Smithsonian’s office of exhibits.  John recommended the freeze dryers the Smithsonian used and I bought a double unit.  John also encouraged me to take up the air brush for restoring the lifelike colors of the blue crab. Some months later I sent a specimen to John as a thank you and now the crab is on display.  It is part of the biodiversity exhibit in the Castle building.   My blue crab specimens can be found in several museums across the
country and I have over 150 other specimens on display in museums and environmental centers.  I have thousands of specimens on display as store decorations in several Bass Pro Shops.

I now reside in the down east town of Marshallberg located about 10 miles east of Beaufort.     I create my original real blue crab lamps and table top pieces, taxidermies crabs, fish and an assortment of aquatic specimens in my studio outside of Beaufort.  I also offer taxidermy services to hunters, fisherman, crabbers, museums, and individuals wishing to preserve aquatic and exotic pets.