Take a look at a small sampling of the custom Blue Crab Taxidermy I have had the pleasure of doing for my many recreational and commercial blue crab fishermen customers, blue crab restaurant owners, and just blue crab lovers.

Hey Pete,
The mount arrived this morning! I couldn’t resist and had to give it to my husband as an early gift.. It looks Amazing!!! He and I both LOVE it! Thanks you very much!  Tiffany -Woodlands, TX 

Pictured is 10.5 inch across the back female shortly after shedding – that is why the colors are so vivid on this one. 

ABSOLUTELY FNTASTIC!!! Precisely what I was looking for from the very beginning in EVERY detail Pete! I knew I came to the right place and I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts and the exquisite work that you’ve done for me on my sign!!!

With sincere appreciation,and with best regards!,James Bailey